Are you a wing eater? If so, you might want to reconsider. Chicken wings have very little bang for their proverbial buck. Let’s think about the appeal of them. If they weren’t breaded and deep fried, would you eat these boney, fatty appendages? McDonald’s 5-count Mighty Wings (about 5 ounces) are 480 calories! Breaking it
Aside from Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day may be one of the most food-centered holidays in America. Valentine’s Day seems to revolve around giving oversized boxes of chocolates, chocolate desserts, and then, when you’re feeling overly sugared, even more chocolate. It feels like everywhere you look you’re being enticed with some kind of tasty dessert. If this


According to the American Heart Association (AHA) people with high levels of belly fat have a higher risk of numerous diseases, including diabetes. It’s true that genes can play a part in our shape and our weight, however certain lifestyle choices can alter the natural way our body gains weight. Research has shown that people

Diabetes on the Rise!

Advanced technology has made our lives easier and more productive. And with this modernization, our lifestyles and our health have been affected. The conveniences of modern living have permitted us to be a bit lazier in our choices, specifically the way we eat and spend our free time. Instead of playing basketball and volleyball after
Dr. Michael Thomas, a partner with The Surgical Specialists of Louisiana and Mississippi, was named one of the 3 surgeons in the State of Louisiana to perform weight loss surgery on Heads Up! participants. The “Heads Up” program is a five-year pilot program started by the Office of Group Benefits, the insurer for all Louisiana
Dr. Michael Thomas has been named one of the Best Doctors in America® for 2013. This highly regarded list is assembled by Best Doctors, Inc. and audited and certified by Gallup®. Over 45,000 physicians in the United States were asked in a confidential review, “If you or a loved one needed a doctor in your

Is It True What They Say About Greek Yogurt?

It seems everyone is talking about Greek yogurt; but is it really that much healthier? And is it worth paying a higher price for it? Before we answer these questions, let’s look at how yogurt is prepared. When healthy bacteria is added to milk, fermentation takes place which causes the transformation of lactose into lactic
We’ve been taught that the white meat of chicken is an excellent source of lean protein but what most don’t know is that it also offers numerous other nutrients! One 4-ounce serving of pasture-raised chicken breast provides about 35 grams of protein (which is 70% of the Daily Value) Also included are amino acids and
Just one day after the American Medical Association classified obesity as a disease, U.S. lawmakers introduced bipartisan bills in the Senate and House of Representatives that would require Medicare to cover more obesity treatment costs! Given the current climate of Washington, it’s amazing to see both parties working together on any health legislation. Despite the
It’s common to associate inflammation with arthritis and joint pain. But a recent finding gives us one more reason to watch what we eat! Research conducted at Methodist Hospital in Houston found that fat tissue can become inflamed, causing numerous health problems for overweight and obese people. More importantly, certain diets, like those high in