The Importance of Exercise

125849522After weight loss surgery there are two important habits that a patient must develop in order to achieve the weight loss they desire. One is to maintain a healthy diet rich in vitamins, proteins, and complex carbohydrates. The second habit is to develop an exercise routine that helps build and strengthen muscles, burn calories, and improve general health. There are many options patients can take advantage of to get a great workout; the trick is finding one that will keep you involved so you reap the benefits of improved weight loss and a stronger physique.

What benefits can exercise offer bariatric patients?

  • Toned muscles
  • More energy
  • Decreased risk of cardiac disease
  • Generally feeling better
  • Boosted metabolism
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Tighter skin despite rapid weight loss

If you have your doctor’s approval to exercise and you’re struggling with ideas for an exercise routine, The Surgical Specialists of Louisiana and Mississippi has a few suggestions:

Join a Class
Your local YMCA, community center, or college may offer adult fitness classes for a small fee. Make it extra exciting by signing up for a class you’ve always been interested in.

Take a Walk
Whether you power walk the mall before shops open or you enlist a friend as your outdoor walking buddy at the park, the simple act of walking can help you fend off both heart attacks and strokes. Often walking is the first exercise patients are encouraged to begin after weight loss surgery since it’s low impact and offers serious results.

Pop In a Video
Try an exercise video to help you feel the burn. Order a video online, pick up a DVD from your library, or start an exercise group with friends and pool your video resources.

Join a Team
Team sports are great for encouraging consistent exercise. Between games and practice, you’ll have a chance to get fit, create friendships, and build confidence.

Support Groups
Sure, support groups aren’t typically praised for their fat burning abilities, but during a support group members can help encourage each other to stay strong on exercise routines as well as offer tips or suggestions for getting a great workout. Our support groups meet multiple times a month and can be a great resource after bariatric surgery.

Although it may take a little time to find a routine you’re comfortable with, finding a system you enjoy (and look forward to!) is definitely achievable. As you lose weight and experience the excellent, lifesaving benefits a good workout can provide, exercise can even become a daily indulgence. To learn more about bariatric surgery, attend one of our free weight loss surgery seminars, or contact us at 877-691-3001. Why weight?

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