Revisional Weight Loss Surgery in Louisiana

There are several reasons why patients seek out revisional bariatric surgery. For many patients often a single operation to treat obesity is sufficient to produce durable, long-term weight loss without complications. For some patients, however, a weight loss procedure may yield less-than-optimal results, either through inadequate weight loss, inadequate resolution of co-morbidities, or due to medical complications specifically related to their weight loss surgery.

The Surgical Specialists of Louisiana are experienced in open and advanced laparoscopic revisions of all general and bariatric surgical procedures. We also offer a new, less invasive surgical option that can treat weight regain in gastric bypass patients. If you were originally successful with your gastric bypass surgery but now find yourself regaining some of your lost weight, you may be a candidate for Incisionless Revisional Surgery..

Each patient is individually evaluated by your surgeon to chose the surgery that is best for your particular situation.

Revisional procedures are covered by some health insurance policies. To find out more information, contact our patient advocate department at 1-877-691-3001.

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