Galleria Wellness

Introducing Galleria Wellness

Life today is more fast-paced than ever before. Stress associated with our busy lifestyles can prevent us from living the life we really deserve. If you’ve experienced weight gain, fatigue, insomnia, loss of muscle tone, hot flashes or stubborn belly fat, the staff at Galleria Wellness can help you get your life back. We are a specialty service to assist women and men in balancing hormones that become deficient as we age.

Through a personalized weight loss plan, hormonal balance, and nutritional counseling, we can help you look and feel healthy once again. We will identify what’s causing your symptoms and tailor a program to meet your individual needs.

Our providers include the newest therapies of affirmative, therapeutic and anti- aging medicine. They have broad-based knowledge and experience in treating common symptoms of aging such as anxiety, memory loss, migraines, loss of libido and sagging skin. And they are proficient in the fields of medical assessment, nutrition and hormone management.

Galleria Wellness is committed to helping you regain your energy and vitality so that you can live the life you want to live.

Our Process

At your Initial Evaluation our Nurse Practitioner will gather extensive health history, physical examination, EKG, and evaluation of your lifestyle. She will discuss and order the appropriate blood work. If you have had lab tests or diagnostic studies done within the previous 12 months, please bring copies of these to your first appointment.

The second part of the Initial Evaluation is a follow-up visit. The cost of this second visit is included in the Initial Evaluation Fee. We will review findings from your labs and discuss your treatment plan. This may include options such as prescription medications, nutritional supplements, bio-identical hormones and lifestyle modifications.

Follow Up Visits

A schedule of follow-up appointments will be individualized to your health needs. We ask that you get the recommended preventative tests by your PCP or GYN and send us the results. We order yearly blood tests to see if your treatment is progressing well and to determine if there are any changes in your health. You will need an annual follow-up consultation to review these results.

Take the step to restore the vibrant lifestyle you deserve! Email or call 504-332-2900 for more information or to make an appointment!