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Traveling to come see us?

Because of our surgeons’ exceptional surgical skills and extensive experience, patients often travel from all over the country for surgery.

I’m From Out of Town, How Does it Work?

Consultation visits and surgery date will be dependent on the procedure you and your surgeon have chosen. For patients traveling from out of state, our surgeons are available for phone consultations.


Most hotels offer a discounted rate for medical purposes. Please remember that you must have a caretaker with you who can take you to and from the procedure, and stay with you during your recovery period.

The hotels located closest to Southern Surgical Hospital which is located at 1700 West Lindberg in Slidell, LA are listed below.

The hotels closest to Crescent City Surgical Centre which is located at 3017 Galleria Blvd in Metairie, LA are listed below.

Car and plane travel

If traveling a long distance by car, be sure to plan regular rest breaks (every 2 hours) to stretch your legs. Do not drive yourself home.

If traveling by plane, you may want to request flight assistance ahead of your flight so that you do not have to walk long distances in the airport. If you require a flight longer than 3 hours, make sure you stretch your legs every 2 hours during the flight.

You might want to pack a small cushion or pillow and loose fitting clothing for your journey home.

The airport serving the Greater New Orleans area is the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport.

Distance Follow Up Care & Communicating With Your Local Healthcare Provider

Routine lab work is required at one, three, six and 12 months, and every year following your procedure.

Post Operative Pain Management

While minimal pain is expected, patients return home with pain medication and sufficient refills to manage any post-operative pain during their recovery process.

Is It Covered By Insurance?

Insurance is always a concern for anyone contemplating major elective surgery. We have 12 full-time Patient Advocates who facilitate the bariatric surgery insurance approval process for our patients. This team focuses solely on acquiring insurance approval for weight loss surgery. Upon inquiry into our practice, an advocate will be designated to address your individual preoperative needs. One of 12 advocates will walk you through the insurance maze and personally contact your insurance representative.

What’s My Next Step

To schedule a visit or have your questions answered please contact our Patient Advocate Department.
You can reach us at 1-877-691-3001 or contact us online.