Why choose Senhance?

The state-of-the-art technology contained within the Senhance robotic surgical system enhances the experience of the procedure for surgeons and patients alike. The Senhance system provides surgeons with tactile responsiveness and visualization like never before. With diminished fatigue for surgeons, increased operating room communication, and improved metrics, patients can expect nearly scarless results and minimal incisional pain and enhanced recovery times. For your next digital laparoscopy or weight loss surgery, put your health in the hands of the best technology available.

What is the Senhance surgical system?

The Senhance surgical system is a robotic technology that creates a digital interface between the surgeon and the patient during minimally invasive procedures. Using haptic touch feedback technology borrowed from video games, Senhance instruments allow the surgeon to experience enhanced tactile sensitivity, precision, and comfort during the procedure. Instruments used by the Senhance system measure as small as 3mm in diameter, resulting in a virtually scarless approach to surgery.

How does the Senhance surgical system work?

The surgeon controls small surgical instruments through the digital interface of the Senhance system. These instruments include enhanced force sensors that both monitor and limit excess forces that may be generated during surgery, ensuring a greater degree of precision not afforded by traditional surgery techniques. By tracking the eye movements of the surgeon on a three-dimensional display, the system allows the surgeon to be able to control a small camera inside the body. The open display camera allows for greater visual feedback among the surgical unit. The stability of the robotic-assisted arms means that surgeons are not required to maintain awkward positions to move the camera and can effectively pause a procedure to communicate with other members within the operating room.

What are the benefits?

  • Robotic-assisted arms eliminate the need for a surgeon to maintain awkward positions and allow the surgeon to pause the procedure.
  • The surgeon is seated and able to reposition if necessary to maintain a comfortable position throughout the procedure.
  • Haptic tactile feedback of the system heightens the surgeon’s sensing of pressure/tension and provides alerts if the pressure threshold is reached, providing a layer of security not currently available on any other surgical platform.
  • 3D visualization versus 2D with Standard laparoscopy provides the surgeon with a real-life view regarding depth and spatial relation of organs to aid in complex maneuvers like suturing.
  • The Robot arms rotate around a digital fulcrum at the abdominal wall creating a dynamic virtual pivot point that minimizes incision trauma and can expedite recovery.

James G. Redmann, MD, FACS, FASMBS

"We’re excited about our initial experience with Senhance. After our first 10 cases, we had our time down for docking the robot to the instruments to around 3 minutes. This time is significant and shows the excellent work my team has done learning and adopting this technology. Also, my patients are reporting less incisional pain. I’m excited for what the future holds with Performance Guided surgery and the Senhance system."

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