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Women: Is Obesity Putting Your Health at Risk?

We’ve all seen the statistics that obesity is continuing to rise at alarming rates. According to The Obesity Society, nearly 37% of women are obese, despite increased efforts to improve national obesity statistics. Aside from the discomfort of additional body weight, being obese can cause major problems that may dramatically affect a women’s health. In […]

The Thing About Wings: Choosing Healthier Finger Foods

Are you a wing eater? If so, you might want to reconsider. Chicken wings have very little bang for their proverbial buck. Let’s think about the appeal of them. If they weren’t breaded and deep fried, would you eat these boney, fatty appendages? McDonald’s 5-count Mighty Wings (about 5 ounces) are 480 calories! Breaking it […]

Valentine’s Desserts That Won’t Break Your Bariatric Diet

Aside from Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day may be one of the most food-centered holidays in America. Valentine’s Day seems to revolve around giving oversized boxes of chocolates, chocolate desserts, and then, when you’re feeling overly sugared, even more chocolate. It feels like everywhere you look you’re being enticed with some kind of tasty dessert. If this […]